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DJ PAULO LIVE! @ XION (AFTERHOURS) Atlanta Pride Oct 2013
November 06, 2013 07:48 PM PST
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for those that like it deeper ! This "live" set was recorded at Atlanta's "XION" (Afterhours) on Pride weekend. Its an afterhours set with sexy grooves, picking up speed as it goes along while never getting too deep...

It has a couple of my personal gems such as the Tamara Wallace "What You Need" (Paulo vs Moudaber Mix) and other unreleased goodies....

November 03, 2013 08:02 PM PST
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This peak time podcast is pumping with big vocals and big buildups-very much what I like to do at big circuit/Club type events. It includes come of my latest remixes including the opening "wrecking ball" and Lady Gaga's "applause" which I dedicated to Peter Rauhofer this Summer at Mykonos' XLSior party. Other private gems from producers esteemed Jackinsky, Nick Harvey & Ralphi Rosario as well as some of my own private edits and mash ups.

This studio podcast is layered, and every track is edited to fit just right-Its gonna make you shake, move and get through your workout !. eNJOY !


Track Listing

1. WRECKING BALL-Miley Cyrus (Paulo’s Wrecked Intro Rework)
2. DON’T STOP-Isak Salazar & Danny Mart (Acapella: Madonna)
3. DEVILS & ANGELS-Peter Brown (Paulo’s “Music” Mash)
4. WURK IT-Nick Harvey (Harvey’s Work Me Ovah Club Mix)
5. MY MIND-Jackinsky (Paulo’s “Work My Mind Bitch” Edit)
6. ORISHA-Brazilian Beat (Tribal Bitch Rework)
7. GROWN WOMAN-Beyonce (Ralphi Rosario Dub)(edit)
8. CONGA-Gary Caos (Paulo’s Revamped Edit)
9. SHAKE YOUR BODY-Tribal Bitch (Beats)
10. LEXUS-Abel Ramos (Paulo’s “Its Gotta Be Big” Edit)
11. WONDERFUL LIFE-Hurts (Jackinsky Club Mix)
12. TRANSIT-Antranig (Futuristic Polar Bear Mix)
13. SEARCHING-Offer Nissim feat Maya (DJ Suri & Chris Daniel 2k13 Remix)
15. IM NINALU-Ofra Haza (Demu Mix Tribute vs Paulo’s “Love Song” Revamp)
16. PALOS & DRUMS-Erick Morillo
17. ADDICTED-Shawnee Taylor (Armand Pena Remix)
19. APPLAUSE-Lady Gaga (Paulo vs Rauhofer Tribute Rework)

*for promo use only/your donations to this podcast page make it possible for it to stay up on "podomatic"

DJ PAULO-Release (Primetime)
July 26, 2013 07:49 PM PDT
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I wanted to release a podcast to celebrate all the great events happening in the LGBT community-and "People Like Us" gives us a great start to this latest studio podcast.
I've included all my latest vocal remixes I've been working on this Summer-Kelly Clarkson, Pet Shop Boys, Kylie, Jlo & Deborah Cooper. It is a perfect blend of great vocals and the "tribal bitch" drums I'm known for. Enjoy it, "Release" and thank you all for the support through the years ! love P

2. PEOPLE LIKE US-Kelly Clarkson (Paulo & Jackinsky United Mix)
3. BOUNGE-Garcia & Nunez (Paulo's "Tribal Bitch" Rework)
4. TWIST UP WORK-Inphinity (Alex Acosta Work Mix)(edit)
5. RIGHT NOW-Rihanna (Ralphi Rosario Dub)(edit)
6. RIO-Brian Cid (Marcos Carneval Remix)(Tribal Bitch Rework)
7. LIVE IT UP-Jlo (Paulo's "Tribal Bitch" Mix)
8. WORK(YEAH)-Couto & Cristiano (Edit)
9. I'll MAKE YOU WORK-Jackinsky feat Michael G (Tim Letteer Remix)(edit)
10.HANG ON-DJ Fist & Edson Pride (Paulo's "Heartbeat" Edit)
11.HEARTBEAT-Tony Moran ft Deborah Cooper (Paulo & Jackinsky Burnin' Mix)
12.CALIENTE-Raul Cremona (Abel Ramos Remix)(Tribal Bitch edit)
13.SKIRT-Kylie (Paulo Rework)
14.WORK IT feat Lady Gaga-PAULO (Tribal Bitch Dub)
15.DON'T STOP-(Abel Ramox Remix)(Paulo's "Tell Me" Rework)
16.THIS IS WHO WE ARE-Cevin Fisher (Paulo "Tribal Bitch" Dub)
17.OYEHAA-Ozgur Uzar (Original Mix)
18.AGE OF LOVE-Age of Love (Koen Groeneveld Remix)(Paulo's "Vocal" Edit)
19.VOCAL-Pet Shop Boys (Paulo's "Vocal" Mix)

Note: This podcast is for promo purposes only. Your donations to my make these podcasts available to you on Podomatic.

DJ PAULO LIVE! @ Pavilion (Fire Island)-WARM UP (07.20.13)
July 24, 2013 04:36 PM PDT

DJ PAULO LIVE! @ Pavilion (Fire Island)-WARM UP (07.20.13)

My first two hours warming up the Pavilion (Fire Island) last weekend. Cool grooves, some less known mixes of current songs. "Release" (Primetime) is next and picks up where this one leaves off !

May 22, 2013 09:52 PM PDT

Every track in this podcast is somehow connected to Peter Rauhofer- from some of his most unique and magical remixes, to mixes inspired by *69, the Roxy parties and several of the "Work" parties I was privileged to work on. Most every track is edited down and even then, I wasn't able to include some of my favorites.

I truly enjoyed making this podcast for someone that was a big influence in bringing some of the best music in our lifetime.... His sound will continue influencing us for years to come.... enjoy and thank you Peter !

Track Listing:
1. UNIQUE-Club 69 (Peter Rauhofer Uniqueapella)
2. DON'T STOP THE MUSIC-Rihanna (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction)(Edit)
Acapella: Unique (Club 69)
3. KIKI-Scissor Scissors (Rauhofer vs Verde)(Paulo Rework)
4. DANCEFLOOR-Inaya Day (Peter Rauhofer Remix)
5. WHATEVA-Ralph Falcon (Peter Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)
Acapella: Real Bitch (Peter Rauhofer)
6. SEXY LOVE-Residence DJ's (Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)
7. MEET HER AT THE LOVE PARADE-Da Hool (Club 69 Tribal Anthem)(Edit)
Acapella: Drama (Club 69)
8. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH X-Soulsearcher vs X99 (Rauhofer vs Paulo Mash)
9. THROB-Janet Jackson (Rauhofer Remix) (Edit)
Acapella: Let Me Your Underwear (Club 69)
10. THIS IS WHY YOU'RE HERE vs RA RA-Rauhofer vs Paulo Mash
11. DIVA-Club 69 (Dj Paulo vs Demu Mix)
12. TURN IT UP-Paris Hilton ( Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)
13. UPGRADE YOU-Beyonce (Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)
14. DON'T YOU WANT SUM MORE-Peter Rauhofer (Edit)
15. I AM READY-Size 9 (Rauhofer)(Revamp)
16. WORK IT TO THE BONE-LNR (Tribal Tarante Mix)(Edit)
17. TRIBAL MADNESS-Sizequeen (DJ Paulo's "Work" Mix)
18. MUSICA ELECTRICA-Alma Matris (Drum Edit)
19. PET SHOP BOYS-Break 4 Love (Jackinsky's Love Remix)
20. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD-Zander Bleck (Rauhofer vs Ozborne Rmx)
21. HOW DO YOU FEEL-David Morales (Peter Rauhofer Remix)(Edit)

DJ PAULO LIVE! @ VIVA NYC (May 04, 2013)
May 08, 2013 01:13 PM PDT

this is a live recording of the first few hours of hours of last weekend's "VIVA" in NYC. It has a few of my new private weapons (including my new remix of "discoteka". It was also a special night as I gave tribute the late dj/producer Peter Rauhofer -due to my close working relationship with him, I showcased some of Peter's works.... enjoy the music, and and see you on the floor !

DJ PAULO-TRIBAL BITCH (Pt 1 - Primetime)
Icon_chapters   Explicit
April 19, 2013 02:22 PM PDT

Enjoy my new primetime podcast Tribal Bitch 2013. This studio podcast is filled with private weapons only found here. Enjoy and make sure to s ign up to my fanbridge to get pt 2 to be released in a couple of weeks ! djpaulo.fanbridge.com/

  1. TRIBAL BITCH-DJ PAULO feat Alan T (PAULO vs Anirhythm Rework)  
  2. BRITNEY IN LATEX-Britney Spears (PAULO Mash)
  3. VAMOS vs BUCCI BAG-The Bitch The Beauty (PAULO Rework)  
  4. TOMA CULO-Antranig (edit)  
  5. DON'T YOU WORRY-Swedish House Mafia (Peter Rauhofer Dub)(edit)
  6. WORK IT OUT-Jesse Garcia (Acapella: "Busted")
  7. LET THERE BE LOVE-Christina Aguilera (PAULO Dub)  
  8. I WANT YOU-Robbie Rivera (PAULO's Tribal Dub)  
  9. MIAMI GIRLS-Steven Kass (edit)  
  10. GET A JOB-Gossip (Peter Rauhofer Remix)(edit)
  11. I'll MAKE YOU WERK vs DIVA-Jackinsky feat Michael G (Serving Ovahness Mix vs PAULO edit)
  12. TWIST UP WORK vs WHATEVA-Inphinity (PAULO Rework)
  13. I LOVE THIS BEAT vs WORK THAT BODY-Juantrack vs Jesse Garcia (PAULO Rework)
  14. PALOS & DRUMS-Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez (edit)
  15. BUMP-Jesse Voorn (KKlass Remix)
  16. OYEHAA-Ozgur Uzar
  17. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD-Tears For Fears (Jackinsky Remix)
DJ PAULO-I LOVE BRASIL Vol 2 (Primetime)
December 15, 2012 03:52 PM PST

After one of my most successful podcast "I LOVE BRASIL" I had to do a follow up podcast-especially after my last event at The Week in Sao Paulo. This is a very high energy podcast with lots of vocals and lots of drums with a few Brazilian references. Enjoy !


1. YOUR BODY-Christina Aguilera (PAULO & JACKINSKY Tribamerican Intro Mix)
2. SAMBA-House of Gypsies (Oliver Kano Mix)(Paulo Edit)
3. NO ME PUEDO CONTROLAR-The Cube Guys (Landmark Edit)(Paulo Edit)
5. SPECTRUM-Florence & The Machine (Enrry Senna Remix)
6. STRONGER vs FEEL THIS-Nick Harvey (PAULO Mash)
(Acapella: "Toda a Minha Vida")
7. PUMA-Raul Cremona (PAULO Mash)
8. TANZANIA-Rio Dela Duna
(Acapella: "Everybody Shake")
10. SHE'S SO MEAN-Matchbox Twenty (Ralphi Rosario Dub vs Paulo Reconstruction)
11. SCREAM & SHOUT-Britney Spears (PAULO vs Chocolate Puma Mash)
12. WORLD WAR FOUR-Chad Jack vs Nasty Pig (Eddie Martinez NYC Battle Remix)(Edit)
13. MIND YO BUSINESS-Nick Bertossi (Edson Pride Remix)(Edit)
14. I GET HIGH-David Penn (PAULO's "Shake" Edit)
15. VIVA BRASIL-Nick Bertossi (Edit)
16. VAMOS-The Bitch The Beauty (Drum Dub)
17. SKYFALL-Adele (PAULO Private Remix)

See you for Carnaval in 2013 Florianopolis and Rio de Janeiro !


October 22, 2012 12:53 PM PDT

(your donations on my podomatic page make this podcast possible)

A representation of a true "paulo afterhours" set, deep sexy tribal with no screaming divas-this podcast is for those that like their serious beats and their music deep.

XL Pt 2 is a studio podcast-that means I layer, mash, rework and twist up the songs to sound like I want them-so please don't ask for a track listing, just enjoy the ride !

Highlights include some of my new personal mixes and mashes (ie "Shake Em" and "Erotica in Ashes" featuring Madonna and my mash of Cevin Fisher's "Lost In Music" and several cameos from Lula, Janet Jackson and others.



DJ PAULO-XL Vol 2 (Pt 1-Primetime)
September 22, 2012 09:57 AM PDT

XL Volume 2 (Primetime)

A peak club podcast with good hard driving beats and some great current vocals, starting out with my redemption of "Gang Bang" by Madonna. Every track is reworked some way or another, so enjoy !

Track Listing:

01. GANG BANG-Madonna (DJ PAULO vs Nicole Moudaber Mix)
02. BAMBOO-DJ Fist (edit)
03. TRIUMPHANT-Maria Carey (Iberican vs Verde)(Paulo Rework)
04.LE FREAK-Antranig/Rony Seikali (accapella: "Freak"-Sandy Rivera)
05. UNIVERSAL SPIRITS-Domscott (edit)(accapella: "Lost In Music"-Cevin Fisher)
06 .ELEMENTS-Danny Tenaglia (Known Elements Remix)(edit)
07. BANDUMBA-Pedro Carrilho (edit)
08. DIVAS TO THE DANCEFLOOR-Fullalove (Chad Jack Chocolate Edit)
09. BUMPY RIDE-The Sampling Drama Queen (Nick Harvey Bump Tribe Mix)
10. UPGRADE-Beyonce (Peter Rauhofer Remix)
11. BEAT OF THE DRUM-Funk D/Hever Jara (Paulo Edit)
12. AFRICANISMO-Ruben Amaya (DJ Fist Mix)
13. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR FACE-Rich B/Marcella Puppini
(accapella: How Do I Look-Jade Elektra
14. MIRACLE BEATS-Paulo vs Ralphi (drum edit)

Look for Pt 2 (Afterhours) in the next week or two !

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